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About Us


It started with one fateful trip.

While shopping for new eyeglasses, co-founder Sean McGinley’s daughter spent hours searching for the perfect frame that fit into their annual insurance budget. She settled on a neutral frame as she could only have one frame color. It was not the frame she wanted, but it was the frame that could go with most of her outfits. Seeing his daughter's frustration, Sean thought there had to be a better way. So he designed one.

The interchangeable eyewear frame was born.

With friend and co-founder Joe Flinn, the idea was transformed into Empowered Eyewear. Together they created a line of frames that are interchangeable, durable, affordable, and fashionable. 

Now no one needs to settle for one look. Customizable eyewear is finally here! 

And as our way to say thank you for your support, Empowered Eyewear will donate a percentage of all sales to the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation.




Jen Groover arrives at Empowered Eyewear:

Sean and Joe work in the technology industry so their experience in fashion and starting a business was limited.  Fortunately, the pair was able to impress Jen Groover with the new eyewear concept and she signed on to help guide the team with her expertise.

Jen Groover is a serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, author, and motivational speaker! 

Learn more about Jen Groover: http://jengroover.com/