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Empowered Eyewear - Quality Assurance


At Empowered Eyewear, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction with our frames.  We have enacted a 6-point Quality Assurance process to validate product readiness:

  1. Compare frames with approved samples to check for any deviations on style, rimmed or rimless, model, number, etc.
  2. Compare color with approved samples or specified values in the Pantone color chart.
  3. Verify that the eye size and related dimensions are according to specifications and/or are the same with approved samples.
  4. Check that the bridge of the frame is the same in thickness, shape, material, and color with contractual specifications or approved samples.
  5. Verify that eyewear temples do not have noticeable deviations from that in approved samples or specifications including style, material, thickness, color, and length.
  6. Inspect frame attachments, if any, for compliance with specifications and that there are no signs of damage or defect such as scratches, imperfections, and/or chips.